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Mp3 Flash-player


This is a simple and easy-to-use mp3 flash player developed by us.

It can be controlled both by mouse and by keyboard (space bar key).

The player has a pop-up context menu activated by mouse right-click.

This menu allows you to control audio playback (start/stop/pause/resume), to see what fraction of the audio file has been downloaded to the browser’s cache, and to download the audio file to local disk.

During playback, the player’s icon changes between Stop and Pause buttons with certain interval of time. To pause playback press the Pause button; to resume paused playback press the Pause button again (try it with demo player on this page).

The period of button change is set through the “period” parameter in player’s script:

function sap (file,size,period)



In this example, period=3 seconds.

The size of player’s icon is set through "size" parameter. Its nominal value is 43 pixels.