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Beauty of the Earth!

This slideshow helps one to master subtle and tender emotional states — through attunement with the harmony and beauty of living nature. With its help one can overcome stresses and stress-caused ailments. The slideshow teaches us love and subtlety contributing to our spiritual development.


It is best to view the slideshow at the distance of 80-100cm from the monitor, with monitor’s brightness and contrast set to 50%.

Do not try to make the sound loud: it is only a background for viewing the slides.

You can control the playback and navigate through the slideshow using the keys Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, Pause, Esc, arrow keys, or with the help of menu in the right-down corner of the screen (move the mouse to make the menu appear).

Download Beauty of the Earth!, 45Mb


Beauty — Path to Tao

Tao is Great Calm. Contemplate the beauty of nature and let it immerse you into the state of deep calm.

When we contemplate beauty we become filled with it — and it becomes a part of us as souls.

This beauty is manifested in our positive emotional state. And the emotions, that we live with, determine our spiritual status. Let the souls be filled with light emotions of love — and this love grows infinitely in us!

Download, 5.7Mb


The Magic of Quietness


The Power of Silence


Immersion into Quietness

Contemplation of the subtle phenomena of living nature — as a method of spiritual development — was widely used in the traditions of spiritual schools of the East. It can help us to enrich our lives and to speed up our spiritual growth.

On the first stage of such a practice, we simply observe various best manifestations in nature. On the second stage, we move with self-awareness into the situations which we contemplate and then merge with their beauty and harmony. For example, in the morning or evening we can transform ourselves into calm and then feel the Quietness which pervades the space and abides beneath everything.

For screen resolutions up to 1280x960.

Download The Magic of Quietness, 6.6Mb

Download The Power of Silence, 7.5Mb

You can also download slideshow ‘Immersion into Quietness’. It was created from two screensavers — ‘Magic of Quietness’ and ‘Power of Silence’. When viewing the slideshow, you can navigate through it manually: pause the presentation, go to the previous/next slide, return to the beginning.

For screen resolutions up to 1280x960.

Download part 1, 6.7Mb

Download part 2, 7.6Mb

Screensaver & Slideshow

Magic of Morning

Morning tenderness, gentle sunlight dissolving you in itself, beautiful songs of birds will help you to immerse yourself in the calm and harmony of living nature.

There is also a slideshow version of this program.

Run time: 8.5 min.

For screen resolutions up to 1280x960.

Download slideshow, 6.5 Mb.

Download screensaver, 6.5 Mb.


Immersion into Harmony of Nature.
The Way to Paradise

(for relaxation and meditation)

This slideshow presents attunement to the best manifestations of the living nature: sunrises, morning mists, blossoming plants, etc. It helps to get rid of stresses and negative mental dominants, and immerses the viewer into the bliss of subtle positive emotions. But the most important is that it "opens" and develops the spiritual heart.

Run time 90 min.

The slideshow is available on DVD in English or in Russian. There is also a CD-version of the slideshow made as a stand-alone exe-file for MS Windows platform.

Download slideshow, 50 Mb.